felt rings in 2 sizes white/grey
    • felt rings in 2 sizes white/grey
    • felt rings in 2 sizes white/grey
    • felt rings in 2 sizes white/grey

    felt rings in 2 sizes white/grey


    Felt rings in in white/shades of grey, bright colourful or colourful shuffled 

    Color: 01 snow
    Size (Diameter): 1.96"

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    This rings in white/shades of grey or grey shuffled are 100% wool felted/densely felted, but still wonderfully soft. They are eco-friendly and are packed in a non-smoking environment. All sets are ready to ship.

    The small rings are 1,96" (5cm) , the big rings are 2,75" (7cm) large.

    You can use them as classic Waldorf/Montessori sensory toys. These are the perfect size for little hands and are soft enough for indoor play (rolling, throwing, catching, juggling) and wonderful for learning about counting - many parents have suggested adding essential oils to the balls (a different scent for each color) to enhance the sensory experience.

    Use them as an alternative to synthetic, chemical-laden toy, cat toy or any craft supplies as well.

    OUR felt items are guaranteed to:
    - NOT use Chemicals
    - NOT use Fillers
    - NOT use Solvents
    - NOT use Bleach, AZO free dyes
    - be Petroleum Free

    "Caution: not suitable for children under 36 months. "

    In any case, make sure that your baby/toddler cannot reach the materials unattended. There is otherwise a risk of the swallowing of small parts. *


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