Christmas tree boards DIY


Christmas tree for kids to decorate. What a fun to design the own Christmas tree with felt balls without mummies help ;)

Made of untreated beech wood - Made in Germany.

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Our wooden Christmas tree is a combination of learning to feel and laying patterns. To design the tree in different ways with different materials gives children completely new possibilities to decorate there own Christmas tree exactly as they want to.

At the same time, the two finger grip is trained with our 1.5 cm balls for the small children and with the 1 cm felt balls for older children. Because only by practising with the fingers can the pen, fountain pen and scissors be guided and held safely later on. To play independently and learn at the same time is simply the best thing for little artists.

By filling the hollows with felt balls (or rice, pebbles, vegetable snacks, shells, etc.) the free play is always varied. First put corn in and later make popcorn ;)

toddler set incl.:

 - 65pcs. 1,5cm/0.5" (+/-1mm) felt balls - the size of the felt balls are good for beginner.

- 11pcs. of this 65pcs. felt balls are for the Christmas tree ornaments in white, red, mango and green, 7pcs. for the trunk and 47pcs. are for the Christmas tree outer shape and star on the top.

kids sets incl.: 

- 1x 3m/8ft long felt coard as advanced Christmas shape idea, just cut it in pieces as you want and try

 - 70pcs. 1cm/0.4" (+/-1mm) felt balls for the outer Christmas shape and star on the top - the sizes of the felt balls are for advanced and/or older kids in the age of 5+

- 8pcs. 1,5cm/0.78" (+/-1mm) felt balls are for the Christmas tree ornaments in ice white, white, red and sangria, mango and 3shades of green green and

- 3pcs. 2cm/0.78" (+/-1mm) felt balls comes with Christmas dots and swirly as highlights for the ornaments in the middle of the tree.  

You can order the tong or other Christmas felt balls in our shop too.

OUR felt balls are guaranteed to:

- NOT use toxic Chemicals

- NOT use Fillers, 100% wool (felt wool)

- NOT use Solvents

- NOT use Bleach, AZO free dyes

- be Petroleum Free


Our beechwood laying boards are made inhouse 15cm x 20cm x 2cm/ 5,90"x 7.87"x0.78" in size and from untreated wood of certified German forestry.

*Safety note:*

Felt balls, Mobiles and garlands are NOT toys, but intended as a decorative item and therefore please place them out of the reach of babies and children.

Attention. Please note that the individual parts are not suitable for babies/toddlers under 36 months and that they cannot reach the materials unsupervised. Otherwise there is a risk of small parts being swallowed. Cords and ribbons can also lead to choking. Pay attention to this and do not leave children unsupervised.


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