Felt balls and beyond - felt stars, felt cords...

For centuries, people have been felting wool to make felt clothing, shoes, tents and jewellery. Fabrics from the last centuries have been found during excavations and show how sustainable and strong a felted fabric can be. 

Felt not only brings colors to life, also brings joy to everyday life. When learning colours with children, practising counting for pre-school children, also when decorating and improving your own home or making jewellery. Felt products from Schnuffelinis are durable, versatile and colourful.

Felting wool is an ecologically very degradable material and is made from sharp wool. In the process of fulling (wet felting), the felting wool is kneaded with soapy water, worked and pressed (rolled). The fine wool fibre scales are joined together by this process and the fibres are interlinked, which is also called felting.

In needle felting (dry felting), the wool is repeatedly pierced with felting needles that have barbs all around the needle so that the fibres bind together. 

Our wool can be used for both dry and wet felting. 

Schnuffelinis wool comes from New Zealand and is produced mulesing free. 

Mulesing free wool production ensures that sheep are not subjected to a cruel practice of cutting away the skin around the tail without painkillers or anaesthesia to prevent parasites from settling there.

Furthermore, our wool is AZO free and dyed without toxic chemicals, solvents, petroleum or bleach.


  • Felt balls

    Felt balls, felt beads, felt balls & pompoms, as they are so lovingly called, are available at SCHNUFFELINIS in over 45 colors. Proven top quality, plain felt balls with coordinated color gradients, easy to order and lovingly packaged, on the day of order already on the way to you.

    To match the felt balls, we have felt balls for the seasons, festive balls with spiral or dot patterns, felt balls especially for Christmas, the beginning of spring, as well as Easter eggs & Christmas ornaments for crafting or decorating.

    Felt balls can also be used wonderfully as a Montessori material in the early development of babies and toddlers, as the feel of felt is perceived as pleasantly soft by almost everyone. Waldorf kindergartens use felt wool and felt balls to express feelings, make gifts or create mandalas of the seasons.


    Our felting wool, which we use to felt all SCHNUFFELINIS felt products, can be felted both wet and dry. We also have felting needles, felting wool sets and craft kits for DIY garlands in our store. Felt balls can be wonderfully felted and decorated.


    Here, crafting hearts beat faster and find the one or other inspiration in the form of felt stars, felt fish, felt clouds, felt hearts but also snowmen, felt animals such as felt bees, cats & forest dwellers.


    Great, plastic-free, sustainable and long-lasting cat toys, as well as felt spirals and felt bookmarks. Have a happy browse!


  • rainbow felt
  • Felt wool roving

    100% wool (felting roving) for needle & wet felting

  • wool felt for pets

    Beautiful things, felted with love! That's what SCHNUFFELINIS® stands for.

    When it comes to our pets, many cat owners are very concerned that the materials for the toys are free of harmful substances, sustainable and plastic-free. It has to be something special, lovingly felted and washable.

    This way, pets are happy about the excitement of play, good-smelling toys and as a cat owner you have the good feeling of having found something nice for your darling.

    Pets at home accessories should not only be functional but also pleasing to the eye, which is why the details are lovingly felted by hand and give the bees, fish and balls a design-loving touch.

    The natural smell of felt encourages many older cats to play, hunt and catch again. Try the fish with ribbon, the spirals in various colours or the bees that can be carried around the house as felt hives on their wings. Sustainable products from a family business in Stuttgart. We make possible what is hardly available anymore, pet toys made of 100% felt wool, 
    biodegradable plus safe for pets, you can wash the felt (handwash) so you can re-use its time and time again!

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