Felt Products

Felt Products


  • seat cushions
    seat cushions

    Good mood seat cushions made of insulating felt wool for on the go and warm bottoms - when colorful meets practical.

    Comfortable to sit on any kind of chair, bench, stairs - selectable in 10 colors of 100% wool (felt wool), wet-felted, make these felt cushions a great gift, sitting experience, "Popowärmer" in the cold season but also in the classroom, on walls, yes even in the cat cave it was immediately welcome.

  • Felted bowls
    Felted bowls

    Beautiful felt bowls made of 100% wool to lovingly tidy up jewellery, sweets, car keys, to wrap small gifts or to decoratively care for air roots - tillandia.

  • Felt stars
    Felt stars

    Stars made of 100%wool (felt wool) for mobile, decoration, flower gifts

  • Flowers
  • Filzeier
  • Felt cords
    Felt cords

    Felt cords in thick and thin, your color pick

  • Felt Coasters
    Felt Coasters

    Felt coaster/trivets in different sizes and colors

  • Felted animals
    Felted animals
  • Felt hearts
    Felt hearts

    Felt wool hearts 100% wool or hearts confetti

  • Felt clouds & weather
    Felt clouds & weather
  • Felt Rings
    Felt Rings

    Colorful rings can be used for so many things, as table decorations, for spring bouquets, Easter wreaths, as stacking stones for little mice, cat toys, baby mobile decorations, as curtain back holder

  • Snowmen

    Cheerful snowmen make winter more colorful, bright and fun. As table decorations, for Advent wreaths, door decorations, Christmas tree decorations.

  • Filzlichter
  • Christmas gnome & gingerbread
    Christmas gnome &...
  • Felt balls sports

    Felt balls balls for sports enthusiastic parents and beautiful baby photos, for baby mobile, gift idea as garland for sports fans, parents and children crafting

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