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Mysterious gnome world & lovingly mice lovingly. Miniature combined with felt and wood - SCHNUFFELINIS®

Sewn fabric mice make the home look just as cosy as Secret Santa doors, fairy gardens and brownies under the stairs. Let yourself be enchanted and carried away into a cute miniature world.

To make them feel at home, it often doesn't take much, but just small adapted miniatures, like deckchairs in summer, gnome doors for the stairs and corners, mice that don't nibble at anything, the miniature world is colourful and versatile.

The sizes of the accessories are not always 1:12, but that is also the charm of our various miniatures, that not everything always has to be 100% perfect, but simply beautiful, romantic, cute, a bit chaotic like life... But always peaceful, funny, light; simply different from how it should be - let yourself be carried away into this cute world.

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