Felt balls & beyond

Felt balls, felt stars, felt cords...

We carry felt balls in a wide range of colours and sizes up to our felt wool (100% wool) from which all of our felt products are manufactured. Everything that is needed for decoration or creative projects.

Schnuffelinis - we love felt and beyond!


  • Felt balls

    felt balls in over 45color shades and 7 different sizes

  • Felt ball set

    Felt balls sets in so many color variations, yours is not in yet - convo me and we will add it too.

  • Felt in Forms
  • Felt Products
  • felt letters

    Colourful felt letters for great craft ideas such as baby mobiles, name banners, garlands for birthdays, practise writing with cheerful letters

  • Felt cords

    Felt cords in thick and thin, your color pick

  • Felted bowls

    Beautiful felt bowls made of 100% wool to lovingly tidy up jewellery, sweets, car keys, to wrap small gifts or to decoratively care for air roots - tillandia.

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