Felt balls Montessori counting set


Counting felt balls in bright and colorful rainbow colors + numbers with 2 different sizes of felt balls, 100% wool (felt wool) in a gift bag



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This set of felt balls made of 100% wool (felt wool), densely felted, but still wonderfully soft.

The set includes:

- 11pcs. felt balls 6cm/2,36" (+/-1mm) with numbers from 0-10

- 3pcs. felt balls 6cm/2,36" (+/-1mm) with arithmetic symbols +, -, =

- and 58pcs. And 2cm/0,78" (+/-1mm) felt balls in matching colours for the numbers and arithmetic symbols.

This colourful set can easily be used to learn colours and numbers and thanks to the pleasant feeling of felt in the hand it can also relieve some math stress in the 1st class/grate. The balls can be kneaded in the hand and do NOT lose their shape.

As baby motoric balls, as indoor balls, big soft balls for bowling, rolling, playing.... useful too.

Each number ball is about 6cm tall (tennis ball size) and comes felted with the corresponding number to you in the house. The small felt balls are 2cm/0,78" big and should be even more comprehensible for small children to grasp the proportion of the numbers in a tangible quantity.

• As classic Waldorf/Montessori toys.

• As counting balls for math and number learning toy.


These are the perfect size for little hands and are soft enough for indoor play (rolling, throwing, catching, juggling) and wonderful for learning about colors.

OUR felt balls are guaranteed to:

- NOT use Chemicals

- NOT use Fillers

- NOT use Solvents

- NOT use Bleach, AZO free dyes

- be Petroleum Free


If you like, you can even add a gentle scent by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil to each ball.


"In any case, make sure that your baby/toddler cannot reach the materials unattended. There is otherwise a risk of the swallowing of small parts.


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