Felt Eggs mix 1.57"
    • Felt Eggs mix 1.57"
    • Felt Eggs mix 1.57"
    • Felt Eggs mix 1.57"
    • Felt Eggs mix 1.57"
    • Felt Eggs mix 1.57"
    • Felt Eggs mix 1.57"

    Felt Eggs mix 1.57"


    10pcs. felt eggs with bright colorful swirly and dots, 100% wool (felt wool), with or without hanger.

    with hanger: with

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    We are very excited to offer our felted Toy Eggs in time for Easter again. These happy color Easter eggs have an easy standing- great for toddlers.

    The large Eggs allow very young children to practice hand eye coordination, self-discipline, perseverance. By the way they learn to choose favorite colors.

    All of our eggs can be used in educational settings as children, can be washed and dried in dryer and will keep them to identify colors and shapes, to count and for pretend play.


    Even good for kindergarden, because you can wash them.

    OUR felt items are guaranteed to:

    - NOT use toxic Chemicals

    - NOT use Fillers, 100% wool (felt wool)

    - NOT use Solvents

    - NOT use Bleach, AZO free dyes

    - be Petroleum Free

    "Caution: not suitable for children under 36 months. "In any case, make sure that your baby/toddler cannot reach the materials unattended. There is otherwise a risk of the swallowing of small parts.*


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