Festivals should be celebrated as they fall - birthdays colorful and cheerful, Easter with springtime feelings in the custom, Christmas is craft time, weddings give reason to dream...



  • Birthday Rings & Plates
    Birthday Rings & Plates

    Beautiful, lovingly decorated! That's what SCHNUFFELINIS® stands for

    Birthdays are memories that we experienced as children and want to pass on to our children and grandchildren as a feeling of being loved. A beautifully decorated birthday cake, presents with big bows and cheerfully decorated birthday tables are memories we remember and pass on to our children today.

    For this reason we have designed and created our birthday rings and birthday plates, so that this tradition can be lived in many families. Especially births give reason to dream and celebrate many birthdays.

    So that every taste can have its own decoration, we offer plain wooden rings that can be put together in variable ways for festive decorations.

    The birthday plates all come with an engraved name or congratulations.

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  • Birthday rings plugs
    Birthday rings plugs

    Beautiful, lovingly decorated! That's what SCHNUFFELINIS® stands for

    Birthdays and celebrations should be celebrated as they fall - birthdays colourful and cheerful, Easter with spring feelings in the belly, Christmas with a cosy feeling of well-being, births give reason to dream..... 

    So that every occasion can have its own decoration, we offer simple wooden rings that can be put together in a variety of ways for festive decorations. Design them with candles, felt pins, letters or figures. Every season can be decorated, but also animal lovers will find one or the other felt pin in our shop. 

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  • Greeting Cards 3D
    Greeting Cards 3D

    Stylish 3D pop-up cards for almost any occasion as greetings or money gifts for weddings, births, as birthday cards, graduations and christenings.

  • Wedding/Celebration

    Fingerprints are a great gift for weddings, farewells, christenings and confirmations

    which will be remembered long after the party. As a surprise for your guests, friends or a modern gift for the bridal couple in the form of a guest book.

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  • Easter / Spring
    Easter / Spring

    The Easter Bunny's feet, Go hop, hop, hop.
    While his big pink ears, Go flop, flop, flop.

    Felt eggs and Easter decorations in various colours & sizes

    Here you will find our cute felt bunnies and carrots, felt balls and felt eggs, all of which are great for decorating your home or as a gift idea for Easter.

    Schnuffelini's felt sheep, bunnies, carrots and felt eggs are made from natural felt wool, are cuddly soft and are great for decorating branches or as Easter decorations and table decorations - to give away, as gift tags or to hide away.

    Our felt in highest quality and wonderfully natural AZO free colours is very trendy - no plastic - all renewable!

    So long-lasting, sustainable and natural Easter decoration made of felt - unbreakable and ideal for children!

  • Christmas

    Bring the magic of Christmas into your home - HoHoHo

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