Montessori Bamboo tong
    • Montessori Bamboo tong
    • Montessori Bamboo tong
    • Montessori Bamboo tong

    Montessori Bamboo tong


    Montessori bamboo tong for toddlers.

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    To learn sorting and picking up items, you need practise and the bamboo tong is helping to learn this. You can combine it with our felt pasta / noodles, felt balls and sortings sets. Great for a age from 1,5y+

    Great for pouring exercises and learning fine motor skills, as creative free play and for cooking for the cuddly toys.

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    We pack our products with care and love, but for the sake of the environment we avoid "disposable packaging" as much as possible and use reusable cotton bags or recyclable tree-free bamboo bags. We hope that this is also in your interest and look forward to your feedback.


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    *Safety note:*

    Attention. Please note that the individual parts are not suitable for babies/toddlers under 36 months and that they cannot reach the materials unsupervised. Otherwise there is a risk of small parts being swallowed. Cords and ribbons can also lead to choking. Pay attention to this and do not leave children unsupervised.




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