Montessori Rainbow Felt Balls


Colorful bright felt ball mix - Rainbow set - Montessori toy, Baby gift, Mobile set

Size (diameter)

Bright, brighter, brightest Rainbow felt balls

Sizes Available:

1,5cm/0.5" 80pcs. Rainbow felt balls

2cm/0.78" 80pcs. Rainbow felt balls

2,5cm/1" 80pcs. Rainbow felt balls

Our felt balls are just absolutely beautiful! They are by far much more uniform in size and color than other felt balls that we have come across. Of course, slight differences in size (+/-1mm) and color are inherent due to its handmade nature but that just adds to the characteristic of each ball!

Each set contains equal pieces of felt balls in our bright and powerful Rainbow mix.  These beauties are so much fun for sorting,  counting and working within groups of 10felt balls. Great for sensory play, color activity, Birthday garlands. The possibilities are endless.

OUR felt balls are guaranteed to:

- NOT use Chemicals
- NOT use Fillers
- NOT use Solvents
- NOT use Bleach, AZO free dyes
- be Petroleum Free

We are using as one of the only sellers only New Zealand pure wool as base for ALL our wool dryer balls/felt balls. 

Use these balls to make wreaths, rugs, holly garland , birthday garlands, brooches, bouquets and more! They are super easy to pierce through with a needle and thread or simply use a hot glue gun to make them stick to most surfaces or add them to hats, bags, belts or clothes...

"Caution: not suitable for children under 36 months. "
In any case, make sure that your baby/toddler cannot reach the materials unattended. There is otherwise a risk of the swallowing of small parts.


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