Felt eggs

Felted Easter eggs in big, small, polka dotted, uni

Felt eggs


  • 2,5cm/1"
  • 3,5cm-4cm/1,35"-1,57"
  • 3,5cm-4cm gepunktet
  • 4,5cm Filzeier
  • 4cm & 6cm Filzeier...

    Gently mottled Easter eggs with in each other verlaufendnen colors, in 4cm and 6cm selectable, for hanging or crafting. The eggs are very popular with households with children and cats, can be great roll, hide and decorate. 

    Have fun browsing & Happy Easter.

  • 4cm & 6cm Filzeier...
  • 5cm/1,96" patterned eggs

    Beautifully hand felted Easter eggs with motifs and coordinated patterns such as flowers, Easter bunny or even colorful spirals. The motif eggs for Easter are available as sets of 4 for immediate hanging and decorating for the beginning of spring and Easter. 

    Look around in the colorful selection of larger Easter eggs, they will give you long pleasure.

  • 6cm/2,36"

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