Infant Tux shoe leather
    • Infant Tux shoe leather
    • Infant Tux shoe leather
    • Infant Tux shoe leather

    Infant Tux shoe leather


    Tuxedo shoes with bow tie - perfect match to our tuxedo in long or short

    Size: 12-18M (Length 14cm / 5.5 inch) Bear

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    Baby tuxedoshoes-madeofsoftleatherfordelicate babyfeet. Thesolesinsidearelinedwithcottonmaterial, thesoleismadeof brushedleathersothatnothingcanhappenwhen babies start walkingandtheelastic bandisprocessedinthecuff-agreatshoeallaround.

    0-6M (solelength11cm) Mouse
    6-12M (solelength12cm) hedgehog
    12-18M (solelength14cm) bear

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