Fingerprint firework


Fingerprints – Canvas prints for golden & silver Weddings in XXL (DIN A3)



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A gift that leaves a ever lasting impression for a very happy silver, golden or colorful wedding couple. A wedding gift that will be remembered. As a surprise to your guests or guest gift for the couple or host.

The high-quality canvas print (canvas is a solid and therefore stiff fabric) for the guests fingerprints and signatures with personal handwritings.

There will be enough space for some special congratulations wishes from you or the guest.

 Every print comes without Schnuffelinis signature.

 Each poster DIN A3 (30x40cm/11.81" x 15.74")

How to do:

Each guest leaves his/her fingerprint symbolically with the signature.

1. The guest presses the finger/thumb in the desired ink pad (available in the shop)

2. Stamps the fingerprint on the canvas

3. and writes the name next to the fingerprint

4. The stamping ink can be removed with baby wipes from the finger

The advantage of canvas material is that the fabric is very resilient due to its web technology and material. It is thigh without losing its shape and is great for framing.

Have fun – Schnuffelinis

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