• Felt eggs

    Felted Easter eggs in big, small, polka dotted, uni

  • Bunny and carrots

    Here you will find our cute felt bunnies and carrots, felt balls and felt eggs, all of which are great for decorating your home or as a gift idea for Easter. Our felt in highest quality and wonderful colours is very trendy - no plastic - all natural and renewable!

    Easter is not only a festival where you like to celebrate and dine with your family or friends, but also has a variety of Easter traditions that you can rediscover.

    The symbol of Easter is clearly the Easter bunny with his long spoons. Why does the Easter bunny actually bring the Easter eggs?

    In historical lore, not only the hare was used as a messenger, but depending on the region, the raven, fox or cuckoo were also popular Easter messengers - but rabbits are simply cuddlier and perhaps therefore went down better with children.

  • Happy easter garlands
  • Lamb

    The lamb or sheep as a symbol


    For thousands of years, the lamb and the sheep have been special symbols in various cultures. The lamb with its white fur is generally regarded as a symbol of life and purity. Popularly, a peaceful way of life is associated with this animal. The tradition of celebrating Easter with an Easter lamb made of bisque is not only widespread in Germany.


    Our felt lambs are made of natural felt wool, cuddly soft and are perfect for decorating branches or as Easter ornaments and table decorations - to give away, as gift tags or to hide.


    Our felt in highest quality and wonderful natural colours is very trendy - no plastic - everything sustainable and renewable!

  • Wooden easter egg boards

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