cat toys felt spiral XL
    • cat toys felt spiral XL
    • cat toys felt spiral XL
    • cat toys felt spiral XL

    cat toys felt spiral XL


    Wet-felted felt spirals - the perfect cat toy in 5 different colours and powerful, for "strong" house cats or passionate "chewers".

    Color: 07 orange

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    Especially robust felt spiral made of 100% wool (felt wool), washable. It holds a lot of fun for big and small cats, as well as dog tested.

    Measures: approx. 1m long (when unrolled) - 35cm when rolled up and approx. 20-25mm (thumb thickness) thick.

    It's fun to hide the spiral behind a door or in a corner and it's also great for fishing under the sofa or on the cat tree. Simply give it a gentle and varied tug to arouse the interest of your cat in the flat or garden.

    And as a little tip, sprayed with catnip - it's great for cuddling.

    Available in different colours, especially robustly felted, also suitable for dogs and "chewing on it".

    The spirals are "battle-tested" by various cats and so far none of them could resist the wild cat & catch game. Of course, your spiral is "battle inexperienced" and new.

    By the way, dogs also love the "colourful felt spiral" romp.

    Our felt items are guaranteed to:

    - NOT use toxic Chemicals

    - NOT use Fillers, 100% wool (felt wool)

    - NOT use Solvents

    - NOT use Bleach, AZO free dyes

    - be Petroleum free

    - Mulesing free


    *Safety note:*

    Felt items like balls, felt cords, Mobiles and garlands are NOT toys, but intended as a decorative item and therefore please place them out of the reach of babies and children.

    Attention. Please note that the individual parts are not suitable for babies/toddlers under 36 months and that they cannot reach the materials unsupervised. Otherwise there is a risk of small parts being swallowed. Cords and ribbons can also lead to choking. Pay attention to this and do not leave children unsupervised.


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