Maria Montessori is one of the most important personalities of the 19th and 20th centuries.

She was a doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, philosopher, anthropologist, biologist, educator, scientist and, moreover, the first Italian woman to obtain a degree in medicine. Maria Montessori's quotes are memorable not only for this reason, but also for their continued relevance in education.


Today, many of her principles are applied on a daily basis, although we are not always aware of them. Their ideas of education are reflected in their quotations. Play also had an important place in her way of educating. She developed Montessori education from this. She was far ahead of her time and the interpretation of child development. Her ideas and approaches had a great influence on educational guidelines worldwide, she revolutionised the educational system.


In her view, "the destiny of the future lies in the child". Therefore, she held the view, "Help me to do it myself", because "an unnecessary help is only a hurdle for the development" of the child.


Our wooden boards and also kitchen utensils for children are designed in such a way that the best instruction is the one that uses the fewest words to have/present the task sufficiently. 


Following the motto, we have added an extra ball to each rainbow laying board so that children can recognise the pattern of the chosen rainbow by themselves. Because "true dedication to a cause is only possible with freedom". In this sense, children should play, try and achieve for themselves as often and as freely as possible. 


"When we speak of leaving the child his full freedom, that society must guarantee his independence and the normal development of his functions, we are not speaking of a vague ideal, but basing ourselves on direct observation in life, in nature, which reveals this truth. Only through freedom and experience in the environment can man develop." Maria Montessori



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    Feeling, tasting, measuring, cutting, decanting, whisking, all the little things that train fine motor skills and turn the fun of playing into later writing successes; early practice makes perfect.

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