Felt cat Tubs
    • Felt cat Tubs
    • Felt cat Tubs

    Felt cat Tubs


    Felt cat "Tubs" as a cat toy, for mobile, hand cuddler, as a small present and thank you for cat-sitting and much more. 

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    Cats are headstrong, beautiful and sometimes stubborn. That's why we felted our black cat Tubs out of 100% wool (felt wool), sprinkled with catnip, a little toy that likes to be cuddled and carried around the whole house. Compatible with our felt bees and butterflies as well as cat spirals.

    The cats are approx. 5cm high and 4,5cm wide, wet felted and with face. Available with or without pupils. 100% wool (felt wool) the faces are felted on. 

    OUR felt items are guaranteed to:

    - NOT use toxic Chemicals

    - NOT use Fillers, 100% wool (felt wool)

    - NOT use Solvents

    - NOT use Bleach, AZO free dyes

    - be Petroleum free

    - Mulesing free


    *Safety note:*

    Felt items like balls, felt cords, Mobiles and garlands are NOT toys, but intended as a decorative item and therefore please place them out of the reach of babies and children.

    Attention. Please note that the individual parts are not suitable for babies/toddlers under 36 months and that they cannot reach the materials unsupervised. Otherwise there is a risk of small parts being swallowed. Cords and ribbons can also lead to choking. Pay attention to this and do not leave children unsupervised.


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